27 February

Getting your Z’s has always been important, but new research suggests the benefits of good sleep habits are even more far-reaching than many of us would have suspected. Simply put, the latest research is suggesting that injury rates go down as your sleep time goes up; more sleep=less injury. So what does this mean in physiotherapy?

Sleep and injury is becoming a particularly hot topic in the sports world with big names like the NBA’s Steph Curry putting themselves under the microscope in order to gain a better understanding. The research seems to put 8 hours as the magic number, with those athletes sleeping <8 having a higher rate of injury; increasing up to almost double in some studies (1.7X). The same studies also show an improvement in athletic performance in those sleeping >8 hours.

The trends, however, are not limited to the athletic population. Several studies across the world show that in school-aged children, sleeping problems or low sleep duration are directly\ correlated to a higher incidence of accidental injury. Similar results are found in workplace studies, whereby lower reported sleep durations are significantly associated with higher risk of workplace injury.

The long story short: get your sleep! Good sleeping habits are essential for your body’s healthy function; this should not be new information. Adequate sleep improves mood, allows your body time to heal, replenish energy stores, helps to manage stress and lowers your overall risk for many chronic health conditions. And now you know, whether you’re a young athlete or a seasoned desk worker, appropriate sleep practices are essential when it comes to reducing injury risk and improving performance.

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