Care for athletes

Care for athletes

Town Health Solutions has a tremendous amount of experience in the treatment of athletes.   We serve athletes, but many of our practitioners are athletes as well!

For the 2023 World Junior Hockey Championship, our team had the opportunity to work with Team Canada to help them win gold!

The treatment of athletes at Town Health Solutions is specifically designed with the needs of the individual athletes involved.  We use the strengths of our practitioners, both from a training perspective and a personal experience perspective.  Often, our therapists will collaborate to ensure maximum effectiveness.  Whether that involves responding from an acute injury or trying to maximize performance, we are here for you.

For athletics, here is how our team can help you!


Our practitioners have many years of experience treating concussions, whether it just happened in a game over the weekend or you’ve been struggling with symptoms for years.

We use the latest in objective measurements including the SCAT5, King-Devick test, and Impact testing to ensure your progress meets our guidelines.

Treatment includes exercise, soft tissue therapy, neurological modulation of symptoms through manual methods, dietary changes, and others.

Our osteopathy partners at Mancuso Osteopathy have a proprietary concussion management program called Concussion Heroes.  Sylvain and his colleague Hicham also provide support for the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL.

Practitioners with experience in Concussion management include Caitlin Marshall, AT (Saint John), Lauren Richardson, Physiotherapist (Saint John), Angela Henry, Physiotherapist (Fredericton), Wendy Yano, RMT (Fredericton), Dr. Erik, Chiropractor (Hampton/Saint John), Dr. Dan, Chiropractor (Saint John), Amy Malley, RMT (Saint John/Hampton), Zoe LeClair, RMT (St. Stephen).

Running Injuries

We have substantial experience with running, throwing, and jumping injuries.   Dr. Erik has trained at the prestigious Altis Performance therapy program, based in Phoenix, Arizona.  This program has produced some of the most Olympic track and field medalists in history.   Dr. Erik is currently a board member for Athletics New Brunswick.

Other members of our team who have an interest in running is Lauren Richardson, Physiotherapist (Saint John), Amy Malley, RMT (Saint John and Hampton), Jake Hayes, Chiropractor (St. Stephen and Sussex), and John Neal, Chiropractor (Woodstock).



We see many Crossfit athletes and many of our practitioners are avid members of Boxes!  Understanding and managing the unique balance between ballistic exercise, strength, and gymnastics requires a unique eye.  We have also supported the numerous WODs for Wishes and other fundraisers commonly put on.

Team members with expertise in managing crossfit athletes include, and Dr. Dan Comeau, Chiropractor (Saint John).


We were the chiropractic consultant to the Saint John Sea Dogs during their magical Memorial Cup run.   Groin, back, hip and stability issues abound and our team is ready for the challenge!

Team members with a keen interest in hockey injuries include John Neal, Chiropractor (Woodstock), Angela Henry, Physiotherapist (Fredericton), and Jillian Holmes, RMT (Saint John).

Equestrian events

Our resident expert on ‘horsing around’ is Dr. Erik Klein who has worked with Pinto world champion Sylvia Hoyt for many years.  The area around Hampton and Sussex has many stables where recreational horse enthusiasts and riders train and care for their animals.  Often times, the horse will be blamed for errors made in the ring, however if the rider is ‘off’ the horse will always be off.  How the rider sits in their seat, how they react and how they manage the obstacles visually and through body language is imperative to a successful ride for both horse and rider.  For an article on our management of equestrian events, see HERE.

Football & Rugby

We have managed the care of countless football players and football teams!  Saint John Wanderers, UNBSJ Seawolves, Southern NB Ducks, Hampton Jr. Girls, Simonds Stomp Jr. Girls, Fredericton Lady Gladiators, and Saint John High School Football, Saint John Trojans, and the Saint John ladies Irish.

Staff members with a lot of experience in the football area include Dr. Dan, Chiropractor (Saint John), Dr. John Neal, Chiropractor (Woodstock), Amy Malley, RMT (Saint John/Hampton), and Erin Martin, RMT (St. Stephen).

Emergency Medical Coverage

Our teams have organized medical coverage on a once off basis and also for teams, and major/minor games.  In 2014, Dr. Erik was the Director of Medical Services for the World Women’s Curling championships held in Saint John, NB.  This was one of the first times in the world where a chiropractor had led such a role at the World Championships of a major sport.

We have covered track and field for many years, including both the 2022 and 2023 Canadian Indoor track and field championship held in Saint John at the Irving Oil fieldhouse.

We have also provided blanket coverage for all editions of the East Coast Games since their inception.

If you have an event you’d like us to support, just let us know!

Fencing and Racquet Sports

Our expert here is non other than Wendy Yano, RMT who owns the clinic in Fredericton.  See HERE for a cool article on her experiences!  A championship world class fencer, Wendy is sought after for her expertise.