Town Health Solutions chosen as one of Canada’s first Chiropractic community teaching clinics.

Town Health Solutions has been chosen as one of Canada's first Chiropractic community teaching clinics. The global pandemic of 2020...

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Is this just happening because I’m getting older?

We can help you stay active as you age, pain free! Dr. Dan explains why you might feel your age...

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How can a Beach House help you understand Back Pain?

Got a sore back? Do you think it's connected to your core strength? Dr. Dan explains the correlation between your...

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You Don’t Have to Lift Weights to Have “Lifter’s Shoulder”

Dr. Dan has a technique to share to help relieve the pain associated with Bicep Tendinitis, or "Lifter's Shoulder".  Is...

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shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain is Common – and Treatable!

Shoulder problems and pain is common. Dr. Erik explains that treating shoulder problems is not complicated - he shows what's...

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4 Basic Control Foot Exercises

Dr. Dan demonstrates 4 Basic Control Foot Exercises to help you strengthen your foot muscles. (He'll tell ya why it's...

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3 Exercises to Relieve Sciatica Pain

Dr. Erik has 3 simple remedial exercises to help relieve a pinched nerve in the lower back. If you've ever...

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Broken bone rehab Dr. Dan

Broken Bone Rehab: Better Healing Techniques

Is there anything you can do to help heal while you're in a cast? Dr. Dan has some ideas and...

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