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How to wear your face mask like a Pro during the Covid-19 pandemic #sighofrelief

Face Mask Mishaps ! By Dr. Dan One thing that we can all agree on is that wearing a face mask during Covid 19 SUCKS! As a society, we may not agree on everything, but we can at least come together on the point that wearing something over your nose and mouth is extremely uncomfortable. […]

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We’re open!

Our clinics are now open, and we are ready to serve you! Our clinics offer Chiropractic, physiotherapy, Registered Massage therapy, Athletic therapy, naturopathy and more. We’re located in Woodstock, Fredericton, Saint John, St. Stephen, Hampton, Sussex, West Saint John, and Grand Manan! Our team will be using the absolute top notch PPE and hygiene practices […]

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Town Health Solutions administrative team

We are so proud, at Town Health Solutions to have so many amazing administrative support staff! Faith Allaby-Hourihan (Saint John) Deb Campbell – Operations consultant Susan Hunt – Operations Manager (& Hampton front desk) Tanis Friars (Sussex) Judy Haley (St. Stephen) Candace (Woodstock) Raylene Hayman (St. Stephen)    

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Town Health Solutions named one of the fastest growing companies in Atlantic Canada.

For the past two years, Town Health Solutions, led by Dr. Erik Klein, two time Top50 CEO Award winner was named one of the top growing companies in Atlantic Canada. In 2018, Dr. Klein’s organization was #3,  and in 2019, they ranked #5. This is a testament to the dedication of the team to serving more […]

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Pregnancy and therapy, the interdisciplinary approach

CHIROPRACTIC and PHYSIOTHERAPY DURING PREGNANCY: THE BASICS OF INTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION. Published in Canadian Chiropractor Magazine in April 2020 by Dr. Erik Klein and Dr. Sarah Mickeler of Westendmamas The beauty of being a chiropractor that works with pregnant patients is that your patient likely has more medical support for this 9 months of her life, […]

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Hey runners, what about those shin splints?

Spring time, sunshine and shin splints! By Dr. John Neal (Woodstock and Fredericton) Let me tell you a story about a time when I was a little foolish! I signed up and participated in a Santa Clause 5k run in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario! The foolish part was that I decided to run the 5k with a […]

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