work from home set-up

Don’t let Working from Home (WFH) become a Pain in the Neck!

By Chandler Scott, Physiotherapist (provisional) Woodstock Town Health Solutions  (Angela Henry Physiotherapy PC)   Pardon the pun but work from...

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Dr. Erik Calm down your muscles

A Seasonal Minute with Dr. Erik…Calm down those muscles

Here's Dr. Erik with some great advice on how to calm down those muscles while you are driving. This is...

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Dr. Dan Breathing techniques for Stress

3 Breathing Techniques to help deal with Stress

It's incredible how simple breathing techniques can help relax you and reduce stress. Dr. Dan starts off with some interesting...

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headache relief

Looking for Headache Relief?

Dr. Dan used to have 7 headaches a week. Here's the story of his journey to reduce and virtually eliminate...

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Dr. Dan

Can you have Chiropractic Care after Surgery?

The short answer to that question is yes. And the long answer to that question is also yes, but longer....

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Are you doing the right low back exercises?

This article is written by Dr. John Neal who practices in Woodstock, NB and Fredericton. When it comes to treating...

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Hey runners, what about those shin splints?

Spring time, sunshine and shin splints! By Dr. John Neal (Woodstock and Fredericton) Let me tell you a story about...

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Athletic therapy: moving seamlessly from the sidelines to the clinic

This article was written by Caitlin Marshall, certified athletic therapist; and Dr. Erik Klein and published nationally in Canadian Chiropractor...

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Injury Management - Town Health Solutions

Neurokinetic Therapy™ (NKT): The missing link

In the manual therapy and rehabilitation world, there is an abundance of knowledge on injury management and best practice guidelines....

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Physiotherapy For Seniors In New Brunswick

It doesn’t have to be about getting old.

By Nathan Edwards, M.Sc.PT My parents raised me to respect my elders and to appreciate and embrace their wealth of...

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