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Don’t let Working from Home (WFH) become a Pain in the Neck!

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20 January
By Chandler Scott, Physiotherapist (provisional)
Woodstock Town Health Solutions  (Angela Henry Physiotherapy PC)


Pardon the pun but work from home shouldn’t cause you pain. Some simple adjustments to your workspace setup can make a ton of difference.

Here are 5 quick tips to try:

1. Use the 90-90 rule for setting your chair height

Your chair should put you at a height where your knees 90 degrees (thighs are parallel with the floor). You elbows should also be at 90 (forearms parallel to the ground)

2. If you can lift your screen so that the search bar on your internet browser is at eye level.

This will mean you can see the whole screen with minimal head movement.

3. Set up a dedicated work space.

Setting up a consistent space will mean that you can always be set-up in the same comfortable way

4. Take frequent breaks.

Every 20 minutes you should take a break from sitting. Even just standing for a minute is a great break. Get creative with your breaks, take your phone calls standing.

5. Exercise regularly.

The recommended amount is 150-300 minutes per week of moderate activity and at least 2 days of strength training. Some exercise is better than none though so start slow and build up to the recommended amount.

Did you know a physiotherapist can help you with everything on this list? We can talk about ways to increase your exercise with specific strength exercises to prevent injury and keep you working. I also offer virtual appointments where we can actually look at your workstation and make adjustments.

**These posts are meant for educational purposes only. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort with exercises and activities book and appointment with a Registered Physiotherapist.**

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