Our clinic is now an official Complete Concussion Management™ clinic.  As concussions have become the focus for both professional and amateur athletes around the world, we wanted to be at the forefront of concussion diagnosis, management and rehabilitation.  With our collaboration and education through Complete Concussion Management™ we now offer the very best in research-proven concussion treatments and rehabilitation.

What is baseline testing?

The biggest concern surrounding concussions comes from the energy deficit that occurs in the brain following injury.  When the brain is in this low energy state it has been well established it can become extremely vulnerable to additional trauma. This can lead to even smaller impacts resulting in another concussion. These second concussions can cause severe brain injuries with potentially permanent or fatal outcomes.

These symptoms do not necessarily coincide with brain recovery.  The only way to know when the brain has fully recovered from what is termed the “vulnerable period” is to compare the current brain function to when the individual was healthy; this is what is known as a “baseline test”.

A baseline test is a battery of tests that measure every area of brain function that could potentially become affected following a concussion.  The reason that the test is termed a “baseline” is because it is done before the athlete gets injured.

Complete Concussion Management™:

Complete Concussion Management™ is a concussion research company that educates healthcare practitioners on cutting-edge concussion therapies and management strategies based on the most current medical research so that they may provide the highest quality of concussion treatment and follow-up outside of professional sports.

Certified Complete Concussion Management™ practitioners are continuously updated on current research and treatments in order to manage these injuries properly and safely to ensure adequate recovery, thereby limiting the risk of further injury and long-term brain damage.

The CCMI Network:

Complete Concussion Management™ is the largest network of specialized concussion clinics in all of Canada.  Athletes tested through our program can have preferential access to any CCMI certified clinic across the country.  All of these clinics have received the same training as Town Health Solutions and use the same testing and equipment.