Verna Kuling, EduTherapist

Edu-therapy specialist

Certified Grief Edu-Therapy™ Specialist
Grief is the normal human response to meaningful loss. Verna has experience a great deal of loss in her life and through these losses and her recovery process, she now has a great deal to share and offer to others who have suffered their own loss.

Verna  is the director of the Gabriel Kuling Memorial Fund, founded in 2001 after the loss of her son, Gabriel.  She has experienced several losses –  the loss of her son, the loss of her health due to a life-threatening illness, a divorce – all life experiences that many of her clients have also experienced and who now look to Verna and find comfort and support through the Edu-Therapy™ program that Verna offers.

Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution is the most current and effective process for dealing with the conflicting emotions caused by events in our lives that have the potential to create grief. The process moves conflicted or grieving individuals from a place of pain and sadness to resolution of the relationship in a short period of time. Participants in the Edu-Therapy™ process develop the skills necessary to quickly and easily continue working the process in other relationships.

​The rapid pace of the grief resolution process aids individuals in quickly resuming many of the aspects of their daily lives. Additionally, this reduces the possibility of further losses occurring while an individual is unable to participate due to the overwhelming affects of unresolved loss. The Grief  Edu-Therapy™ Process guides people past their pain to resolution.

Verna took the Edu-Therapy™ certification training and became accredited in 2015 to help others after she experienced the program first hand.
She worked for Stepping Stones Autism Centre as a Family Support Manager and used the Edu-Therapy™ training to support staff and parents/guardians that were involved with helping children and youth with learning challenges, autism, and anxiety. Verna has worked with clients experiencing loss of a loved one, loss of a job, drug addiction recovery and loss of health using the Edu-Therapy™ process since achieving certification.