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Great things are happening in St. Stephen with Town Health Solutions!

We are over the moon pleased to introduce Dr. Jake Hayes!  Dr. Hayes graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2021 and did the majority of his clinical internship under Dr. Erik Klein in St. Stephen.  Dr. Jake set a CMCC clinic record for subsequent clinic visits due to his desire to learn and gain experience.  To learn more about his and Dr. Klein’s clinic experience, check out their article HERE. Dr. Jake has a long storied history in sport, having been an accomplished sprinter in university and most recently a champion natural body-builder winning all categories at the Atlantic Classic Body Building competition this past July.  Dr. Jake wrote an article on hamstring strains HERE.

Dr. Jake’s clinical interest is in helping people move better and getting out of pain.  He is trained in chiropractic care, strength and mobility training, acupuncture, and has many other tools in his belt!

To make an appointment with Dr. Jake, check out, or call 466-9192!

Our story!

Dr. Klein opened Town Health Solutions in St. Stephen in November, 2007.  With such amazing support over the past 14 years we’ve had 5 DCs spend a combined total of 26 practice years in Town, we’ve added three Registered Massage Therapists (Zoe Leclaire, Abbi Dunn, and Erin Martin).  We also have just welcomed Yue Zhao, a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist to our clinic!  You can click HERE to see everyone’s bio! In total we’ve grown to over 30 therapists in 8 locations across our province, making us Atlantic Canada’s largest locally owned organization.


Dr. Celeste Vail does visits twice a month to St. Stephen.  If you are having issues with menopause, digestion, or chronic inflammation, fee free to book through the clinic or book online HERE

What have we done and what’s next?

Dr. Klein believed it was important to invest in the community so, in 2013, he bought 9 Thompson Avenue (next to the Charlotte County Hospital) from Dr. Maloney and made substantial renovations.  This has been our home for nine years and counting!  We finished DOUBLING our clinic space in 2019 as we were completely at capacity.  We’ve built a beautiful rehabilitation suite downstairs, and have added more private treatment rooms.

9 Thompson Avenue, St. Stephen

Million Dollar Pledge and Milltown Elementary School

Our team at THS, including our therapists in St. Stephen have joined the ‘Million Dollar Pledge‘.  We are donating $10,000 per year for ten years with nine other companies (hence, $1 million dollars!).  Milltown Elementary School has since 2018 received $75,000 annually for summer literacy programs that have been met with outstanding success.  We’re so happy to be able to contribute this kind of money to such a valuable LOCAL cause.  Kids who would have fallen behind are seeing great increases in their grades and satisfaction with school.  To read a story about why we’re doing this, check out our article in Huddle business magazine!

This program to date has an 87% success rate keeping kids in school.  We’re so proud to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause!

Here’s our pitch!

We encourage you to come in and see what’s new at Town Health St. Stephen!  You can either book online at the links below or call Judy at 506-466-9192.  See you soon!


Book online or call!

Dr. Jake Hayes – call 466-9192

Zoe LeClair, RMT and Erin Martin, RMT – Click HERE to book, or call 466-9192

Abbi Dunn, RMT – Click HERE to book, or call 466-9192

Yue Zhao, TCM – Call 466-9192


Physiotherapy – Available virtually.  Please contact us.