Dr. Erik and Dr. Dan meet the students!

  • DANIELHey CMCC students, the beers on us!

Friday, May 31th at the Goose (1875 Leslie St), at 6:30pm, Dr. Erik and Dr. Dan of Town Health Solutions will be hosting a reception for students interested in talking about anything and everything about starting your journey as a chiropractor.  All drinks and food are on us!  

Town Health Solutions is Atlantic Canada’s largest locally-owned rehabilitation network, having served almost 35,000 patients over 20+ years.  We pride ourselves in excellence in care and quality of our practitioners.  We have partners in the GTA and Ottawa as well.

Since 2004, 15 different chiropractors from all around the country have started their practice or developed their practice inside our doors and we are extremely proud of this fact.  We have run externships for students, we have had associates purchase clinics, some have moved on to start their own clinics, and some are still with us to this day, but Dan and Erik have learned from all of them!  

Our new graduates perform extremely well, often beating first year Canadian practice estimates by over 300%.  We offer mentorship and clinical training to help blend your transition from CMCC to real life practice and offering opportunities to understand the business of chiropractic practice.  Students who choose to begin their career at Town Health Solutions get busier faster, and most can afford to move into a house within two years!  

In December, our team helped provide care to the 2023 Canadian World Junior hockey team that won gold in Halifax.  No other clinic in Atlantic Canada was offered the same opportunity, and we have worked with numerous Olympic athletes both at home and abroad.  

Please join us on Friday night, May 31th at the Goose.  Come loaded with questions and we’ll do our best to answer anything and everything.  This is open to all years!

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