Town Health Solutions chosen as one of Canada’s first Chiropractic community teaching clinics.

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1 March

Town Health Solutions has been chosen as one of Canada’s first Chiropractic community teaching clinics.

The global pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has upended almost everything in our society.  Everyone is aware of the hardships faced by today’s students at all levels from high school, to university, to graduate schools.  All around, educational institutions are having to pivot to continue to provide quality education.

Town Health is pleased to announce that we have been selected to host a Chiropractic intern this year, which is one of the first years interns have practiced outside of the college system in Toronto.  Jake Hayes is a UNB graduate, former stand-out sprinter in the Red’s organization, and a resident of Quispamsis.  He was looking at going into physiotherapy but chose Chiropractic after coming to Town Health for one of his own injuries.

To be selected, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College has to perform due diligence on the clinic, on Dr. Erik and Dr. Dan, and online training had to be undertaken.  Of course, everything went just great!

Working under the license of Dr. Erik (Hampton/St. Stephen), and Dr. Dan (Sussex), Jake is practicing almost at full speed doing histories, physical examinations, and treatments all to the great satisfaction of our patients.  He has become a popular fixture at our clinics.  Already, Jake has helped co-author an article in ‘Doctor’ magazine on hamstring injuries and we hope to publish a scientific paper in the fall on ‘adhesive capsulitis of the knee and seronegative arthritis’.

Of course, not all is fun and games, Dr. Erik and Dr. Dan have to submit competencies and evaluations back to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College but so far Jake has aced everything!

We’d like to thank the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College for their confidence in our organization and Jake for being such a great intern.  We can’t wait for you to be a permanent fixture in the fall!


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