Kathryn Speer, Certified Clinical Thermography Technician

CEO of Thermography NB

A daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother, friend….so many incredible titles and each with their own gift.

When I see the continuing increase in breast cancer rates, the financial forecast of cancer drugs increasing in the billions and reading that of that $300+ billion in additional revenue they are projecting, the majority of that revenue is to come from Breast Cancer cases I can’t help but be more passionate about helping YOU take control of your health.  You also are many of those blessed titles I speak of.  You are NOT a number or a statistic.

My decision to become a Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician & Manager was based on my own personal experience with health issues as it related to my breasts & thyroid.  I have experienced first hand the frustration of not knowing what was happening in my own body and the inability to heal myself as a result of the information I had available to me at the time.  This journey led me on a passionate search for answers and a way to take back the power in my own healing.