Brian Wyatt, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

A graduate of Centennial College’s Massage Therapy Program in Toronto, Brian has
seven years experience of treating a variety of conditions from motor vehicle
accidents, carpal tunnel, dislocations, muscle tears, joint sprains, tennis elbow,
thoracic outlet syndrome, fibromyalgia, post surgical recovery, shin splints, TMJ,
plantar fasciitis, whiplash, migraine headaches and more!
Over time Brian’s treatment style has developed to be anatomy and function
focused. In treatment you can expect a detailed interview and assessment with the
intention of discovering the root causes of dysfunction. Treatment focuses on
eliminating any compensation for injury and then direct treatment of the affected
area. Brian’s treatments often focus on releasing trigger points, deep myofascial
work, and lengthening of the muscles through passive and active stretching to help
promote optimal muscle function.
Treatment with Brian also focuses on home care. Massage is only one component of
recovery and exercise and home care is important too. Expect to be given a
progressive program of stretches and strengthening exercises that will increase
joint stability and muscle capacity so that you remain healthy and stable for all of
your future activities!

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