Spine pre-surgery, and advanced consultation

Spine pre-surgery, and advanced consultation

We offer advanced consultations for patients who are stuck on long waitlists, not improving with their care or are having trouble getting results with their issue. We have substantial experience and expertise in the area of musculoskeletal and rehabilitative care which separates us from other clinics.

Our senior practitioners (more than 5 years in practice) can provide you insight on the state of your surgical referral, provide rehabilitation options in the interim, and educate you on next steps.

Dr. Erik, Chiropractor (Hampton/Saint John), leads this group.  Between 2012 and 2016 he participated in the working group that brought spinal surgery triage to New Brunswick, based off of the highly successful ISAEC program in Ontario.  Dr. Dan also participated in this working group.

Dr. Erik has also spent time in the operating room observing spine surgery, and gaining insight into what surgeons expect from referrals, proper indications for referral, and assisting patients on educating them on the procedures themselves.

If you feel stuck, or feel you are lacking answers please reach out to us!