What Is Osteopathy, Exactly?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that considers the body as a whole in order to prevent, diagnose, and treat dysfunctions in the body. It involves all structures composing the body, and helps restore the body’s healthy state.

Osteopathy takes into account the different connections between the systems composing your body: anatomical, physiological, psychological, and environmenal.

For example, the loss of mobility of a joint, a muscle, a ligament, or the viscera, can create symptoms elsewhere in the body. An understanding of “the map” of the body through anatomy is essential in finding the root cause.
HICHAM BOULAAMANI is a trained osteopath from France and holds the highest standard of education.  These are not weekend course osteopath diplomas frequently seen in Canada.  There is a difference!

Hicham has been an osteopath since 2005; he received his degree from the « Institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie Paris Est » ( ISOP) in France after six years training period.

He has a holistic approach to Osteopathy and adapts the treatment according to the patient’s unique needs.

He’s using different osteopathic techniques such as craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, structural therapy, and He also skilled in the biodynamic approach.

Hicham has a strong working experience with a wide range of clients, including infants, teenagers, adults, and athletics.

Being married to a midwife, He developed sensitivity in managing various disorders of pregnancy and newborn.

Since his degree, He worked in France and Morocco.

During the « Tour de France 2011 », He worked with the Cofidis Cyclist Team.

And also with the Moroccan team of Judo and the Rabat tennis team.

He was able to federate the 20 or so Moroccan osteopaths to create an exchange and group dynamics.

Hicham always says, ” An osteopath is a human’s pain investigator; my job is to find it, fix it, and leave it.”