Neurological Disorders (Hardware Problems)

Neurological Disorders (Hardware Problems)

Neurological disorders are medically defined as disorders that affect the brain as well as the nerves found throughout the human body and the spinal cord. Structural, biochemical or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord or other nerves can result in a range of symptoms.

At Town Health, we separate ‘Hardware’ problems from ‘Software’ problems.  To use an analogy, a hardware problem for a computer would be a motherboard failure, or even a broken mouse.  A software problem is a glitch in programming that results in less efficient function.  In the human body, an obvious hardware problem would be a broken bone, or damage to the brain from a stroke.   A software problem is a disconnect between what the body is feeling, and how it reacts or compensates to that ‘feeling’.

Conditions such as MS, Parkinsons, and Neuropathies are ‘Hardware problems‘, which means there has been a structural change in your brain and/or nerves.  These conditions are indeed very frustrating for people, however, people can lead excellent lives with advancement in medical care, including medication and surgery.

The role we play here is we can help the body to adapt to these hardware problems and function at a higher level.  By removing stress in related areas or ‘secondary/tertiary’ areas, we can take pressure off of the primary problem.  We do not promise to fix MS, or Parkinsons.  No one can do that.  However, we do promise to assess your needs with relation to your primary problem and provide correction to help your body operate efficiently.

Our team members with the most experience in this area are Dr. Erik, Chiropractor (Hampton/Saint John), Dr. Celeste Vail, Naturopath (Saint John), Lauren Richardson, physiotherapist (Saint John/Sussex), Charles Lee, Acupuncturist (Saint John), Wendy Yano, Acupuncturist (Fredericton).