How Pain Management Can Increase Your Quality Of Life

When it comes to the management of pain and injury we can learn a lot from our past! This week I would like to dive into the history a little bit and break down some of the most common injuries for us here in New Brunswick. We will look into where they happen, how they […]

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Saint John Physiotherapy

Getting your Z’s has always been important, but new research suggests the benefits of good sleep habits are even more far-reaching than many of us would have suspected. Simply put, the latest research is suggesting that injury rates go down as your sleep time goes up; more sleep=less injury. So what does this mean in […]

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Health Reform Isn’t about Money, It’s about People

This article was published by Dr. Erik in the Telegraph Journal online and KV Style in early 2017. New Brunswick is having some tough financial times, and it’s likely to keep going. Currently, of the 31% of the budget spent to run our health system, we pay $3,333 per New Brunswicker. Man, woman, and child. […]

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