Town Health Solutions is partnering with Injurymap to provide you with the best home exercise program!

Injurymap, a Danish company, is one of the world’s most intuitive home exercise programs.  Town Health Solutions is very pleased to partner with them to bring this excellent system to Canada!

We’ve been discussing these plans for almost a year, but Dr. Erik told his Injurymap people that the world needed us NOW, and Ulrik*, Sven, Anna, and Elsa worked hard to make it so we could launch during the time people needed us most.  *Ulrik is the only real person in that part of the story.  If you have kids you understand the rest! 😉

Currently, Town Health Solutions is sponsoring Injurymap to our patients and our communities so the program is FREE!  Instead of focusing on online classes, content etc, to try to derive some kind of income during the shutdown, we put our heads together and said ‘what do people REALLY need right now’.  They  need to be able to take care of themselves at home, without complicated instruction.  While it may not completely do the job that our excellent evidence-informed hands on care does, this is probably the best exercise app I have come across in almost 16 years of practice!

So, it’s very simple, click on this link: Download Injurymap app 

Remember, it is 100% free, due to our sponsorship!  It won’t be that way forever as it’ll go back to being a paid subscription model.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us!