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You Don’t Have to Lift Weights to Have “Lifter’s Shoulder”

Dr. Dan has a technique to share to help relieve the pain associated with Bicep Tendinitis, or "Lifter's Shoulder".  Is...

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shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain is Common – and Treatable!

Shoulder problems and pain is common. Dr. Erik explains that treating shoulder problems is not complicated - he shows what's...

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How Massage & Chiro work together

How does Massage & Chiropractic work together? Chiropractor Dr. Carly & Massage Therapist Virginia are here to explain it. Dr....

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4 Basic Control Foot Exercises

Dr. Dan demonstrates 4 Basic Control Foot Exercises to help you strengthen your foot muscles. (He'll tell ya why it's...

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3 Exercises to Relieve Sciatica Pain

Dr. Erik has 3 simple remedial exercises to help relieve a pinched nerve in the lower back. If you've ever...

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Broken bone rehab Dr. Dan

Broken Bone Rehab: Better Healing Techniques

Is there anything you can do to help heal while you're in a cast? Dr. Dan has some ideas and...

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Proper Lifting Do’s & Don’ts

The Do's & Don'ts to keep your lower back healthy while lifting. Added bonus: Dr. Dan demonstrates the lifting techniques...

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shovel snow

Back Health Shoveling Tips

The Canadian Chiropractic Association has some great tips to keep you back healthy this winter...  

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