Seasonal Minutes with Town Health Solutions

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3 December
Here is a series of Seasonal Minutes from Town Health Solutions – lots of advice & tips to stay healthy, relaxed and joyful this holiday season.


Dr. Erik’s Seasonal Minute
Here’s Dr. Erik with some great advice on how to calm down those muscles
while you are driving.


Dr. Dan’s Seasonal Minute
Dr. Dan has lots (a ton) of advice for you – and a unique approach to sharing it! Follow his
advice for a peaceful and healthy Christmas


Amy’s Seasonal Minute
Massage Therapist Amy Malley has a few tips to help you get a better sleep. Around the
holidays it’s important to get your zzzz’s to help battle the stress of the season.


Chandler’s Seasonal Minute
Physiotherapist Chandler has some tips to de-stress and get some movement into your
, even when you are too busy!


Dr. Colin’s Seasonal Minute
Dr. Colin (and his mini-me helper) has some tips to battle the common cold by keeping
your immune health in shape.
Great advice as we head into Christmas week.


Dr. John’s Seasonal Minute
Dr. John demonstrates a great way to help release the muscles in your neck – all you
need is a towel, stiff neck muscles and Dr. John’s method.


Dr. Maria’s Seasonal Minute
Dr. Maria demonstrates Belly Breathing – a great technique to calm down your heart rate,
activate your core and it can help you deal with pain. Find a quiet spot and try this!

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